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Our most popular brow service!

The Ombre Powder Brows are created with a soft shaded look that mimics the professional brow look achieved with the use of a brow powder or pencil. Color is deposited into the skin with a machine that is tailored specifically to suit each individual client. Brows are shaded from light in front to darker at the tail creating depth, filling in gaps, and perfecting brow shape. These brows are created in two sessions, five weeks apart, and once healed you enjoy a  powdered look that lasts up to 3 years.


Powder Brows – Master Artist                                         $700
Touch-up session 5 weeks                                         $300
Initial Set w/Nikki                                          $600
Touch up                                          $200
Initial Set w/Lauren                                          $600
Touch Up                                          $200



Hoy P’loy PMU offers Saline Removal of unwanted permanent makeup, microblading, and tattoos and is extremely effective. Saline Removal offers greater benefits compared to laser removal in that there is no hair loss or additional risk of scarring and not only does Saline remove all colors including white it also can perform well in cases where depth is required.

Our Permanent Make-up artists utilize the best products available for saline removal and are highly qualified with years of experience to ensure that your procedure is safe sanitary and successful.

Saline Removal is a process that has to be repeated a few times over and there is no guarantee that a tattoo can be removed in one or two sessions. The treatment is booked in sessions usually eight weeks apart and the pre-care and aftercare, like all PMU  treatments, are vital to the success of end result. Saline is a salt solution and is placed in the skin in the same way the brow pigment is placed.


Hoy P’loy offers different microblading and microshading options. Nano Brows which is a combination of microbladed and shaded brows, adds dimension in certain instances for specific skin types.


Initial Set   $ 650

Touch Up   $ 400


Go for bolder, fuller, shiny, and smooth brows with brow lamination. Extremely popular for clients who want to tame brows or maintain brows without fuss. Lamination is the process of straightening brow hairs to create a perfectly placed look and shape of brows which lasts for2-3 months. Laminated Brows are shiny smooth and versatile.

Brow tinting is great to go darker or just highlight your natural brow color

Lamination $90
Lamination & Brow Tint $110
Lamination & Lash Tint $130
Brow Tinting $40



Go darker or just highlight your natural brow color with brow tinting.  Brows look fuller, darker for up to 6 weeks.

Brow tinting                                                  $ 40

Brow and Lash Tint                                       $ 80

You know you want some too!
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