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 Cups & Cones™

Mint Crisp Ice-cream™

Soak hands in a bowl of mint bubbles, indulge in mint chip
sprinkles to exfoliate and polish, a yummy mint crisp ice-cream
reduces inflammation, moisturizes and smoothe

Pink Popsicle™

This delicious treatment begins by dipping your hands in a bowl of pink paradise sugar balls to soak and soften. Pink pomegranate crystals polish followed by scoops of pinkalicious ice-cream to massage and smooth

Purple Papaya Sorbet™

Dip your hands in a bowl of lemon sugar balls to soak and soften,papaya and mango crystals to exfoliate,followed by scoops of papaya, blueberries and lemon sorbet to refresh and renew.

Lattelicious Ice-cream™ 

This delicious ice-cream treat starts by soaking in a bowl of aromatic coffee to stimulate and renew. Espresso sugar balls scrub and polish, followed by milk and honey ice-cream to massage, moisturize and nourish.


Sweet Citrus Sorbet™

Scoops of lemon sorbet to refresh, soak and soften. Orange sugar balls exfoliate and polish, apple and citrus oils replenish and renew. A topping of mandarin ice-cream moisturize and massage.

Vanilla Almond Kisses™

Scoops of milky vanilla ice-cream soothes, sweet almond and hazelnut exfoliate and polish.Almond syrup masks and protects, topped by almond and vanilla whipped cream to massage and smooth.

Chocolate Strawberry Cream™

Sprinkles of chocolate powder, bubble and burst in a bowl of warm milk to nourish the hands. Strawberry and vanilla sugar balls exfoliate, followed by a thick chocolate syrup mask to protect. Topped with scoops of rich chocolate ice-cream to moisturize and smooth.

Peppermint Crisp ™

Scoops of crisp sorbet to refresh, soak and soften. Chocolate sugar balls exfoliate and polish, and mint oils replenish and renew. A topping of eucalypus ice-cream moisturize and massage.

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