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Our most popular service for lips!

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo used to enhance the color of the natural lip, camouflage imperfections, and define and create volume and fullness.

Hoy Ploy lip blush tattoo artists are also able to correct the symmetry of lips and neutralize the lips to reduce dark spots or smooth out melanin.

Lip blushing creates fabulous defined and pretty lips that last for up to 3 years.

The lip tattoo is applied with a  digital pen and color pigments that are water-based. Modern tattoo pigments come in many colors to create the perfect color to match your favorite lipstick or renew the natural color of your lips

Lip Blushing Initial Session                                                                        $650
 Touch-Up Session                                                                        $300
TouchUp 12mnths                                                                        $500


Aquarelle lips are also a form of lip blushing but are different in that the application focuses on blending the edges of lips and shading with color for a softer airbrushed look. The lips are not outlined, the edges are less saturated, and the color is subtle.

Aquarelle Lip Shading                                                                          $600
TouchUp 6-8weeks                                                                          $300
TouchUp 12mnths- 2yrs                                                                          $300



Our team of highly trained and experienced aesthetic cosmetic artists has perfected the art of semi-permanent and permanent make-up applications and HOY PLOY strives to provide each client with unsurpassed personal service while ensuring the most natural healthy outcome for your individual desired look.





Lip Neutralization is a specialized treatment designed for lips that are dark or cool-toned. The process is slow and layering is required in order to cancel the dark tones, brighten the lips and ensure that both top and bottom lips are equally toned so that the end result is a beautiful even-toned lip color.

This procedure requires several sessions and an excellent understanding of color theory in order to ensure the desired result. Lip Neutralization is best for clients with a Fitzpatrick Scale 3 and up and anyone wanting to change lip color must be aware that this is a treatment that takes time to achieve as each session is scheduled 12 weeks apart.

Neutralization Initial Session                                                                            $700
Neutralization Sessions                                                                            $300
 Touch Up after 12 months +                                                                           $450


Our permanent makeup team applies semi-permanent eyeliner with new modern pigments that last for up to 5 years and can be created in different colors, shapes, and styles to enhance your eyes, darken the lash line on top, or bottom and you wake up made up every day! Hoy P’loy offers different styles of eyeliner to choose from but each service is always customized to suit each client.



Top     $5oo    Bottom     $500  Both Top and Bottom  $900


Top    $575     Bottom   $575    Both Top and Bottom  $1000


Top     $625    Bottom    $625 Both Top and Bottom  $1100

Touch Up 4 weeks $ 150 each

Touch Up 1 year $ 350 each

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