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Hoy P’loy Nail Emporium offers an ice-cream themed menu of manicures and pedicures to treat hands and feet. Pick your flavor, choose from yummy “Cups & Cones” or slow delicious “Sundaes” or languish in the Creme de la Creme of pedicures. Choose a topping for nails with either gel, nexgen dipped nails, polygel or acrylic smoothies and sprinkles of color.

Hoy P’loy is committed to providing each guest with unsurpassed personal service, superior sanitary standards and state-of-the-art equipment. Our services are created with ingredients of the highest quality to ensure the health of your skin,hands and feet, to deliver excellence in service and are designed to provide specific benefits that are vegan and cruelty-free.

Menu of Services

To see the menu of services  pick your flavor below

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All Cups and Cones manicures and pedicures include a thorough nail grooming, flavored soak, sugary scrub and spalicious massage. Warm towel or mitten wrap to soothe topped by sprinkles of color to enhance.

Hoy P’loy mani-pedi skincare products are made from premier quality ingredients that are created to be powerful yet gentle for exfoliation moisture retention and smell and feel like your favorite ice cream.

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All Sundaes include a thorough nail grooming, a flavored soak to cleanse and soothe , sugary scrub to exfoliate and refresh and marvelous mask to treat . Warm towels or mittens followed by warm towels and mittens and spalicious massage.Finish with a topping of  sprinkled color to enhance.


For a full menu of services Pick your flavor below

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